About us

We represent the symbiosis of bankers, software developers and cryptographers. Our team consists of skilled and highly organized professionals, who share common goals and values.



The bankers on our team happened to run several profitable banks within the last 20 years. We are able manage a bank of any size: single branch as well as countrywide. As a part of daily routine we managed a great variety of bank processes, both the simplest and the most complex ones.

Software development

A boring job is the most terrible nightmare for our programmers. We've been creating software and websites long before Myspace era. The task specifications which begin with “I have an incredible idea...” and “This can be challenging, but..” are among our favorites.


“The paranoid survive” is the motto of our cryptographers: they use bitcoin instead of credit cards and even encrypted our local network. Believe it or not, one needs a valid cryptographically-signed transaction to open the gates in our offices. We are ready to congregate the best from Bitcoin and the BlockChain industry to build a new generation cryptography-based system.

Money is digital

Every week another country adopts a cryptocurrency on the national level. The smartphone is both a wallet and a bank account. You can secure, store, exchange and manage any kind of assets with no more than a mobile application.

Bank is digital

Nobody goes to the bank, there is nothing to do there. Banks have no branches, only a central office. Transactions are free of charge, banks are extremely courteous with you because that is the only way to make a customer - to offer a first class level of service and advice.

Full transparency

Theft ceases to exist as a concept. It becomes unreasonable to steal digital money. Everybody knows, that your money is yours.

Our Team

Sergey Vasylchuk

+38 (063) 811-68-17
[email protected]


+38 (068) 830-26-54
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Sergey Fedotov

+38 (050) 310-80-00
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Our Partners

A few partners we've had a pleasure to work with:

Find us

We are proud to be the citizens of Ukraine and are happy to live and work in the old and glorious city of Kyiv. We are located at the historic district which lies on the bank of Dnieper - a symbol of the greatness of our nation. It inspires us and encourages to create the boldest solutions. You are welcome at Panfilovcev 5.

Panfilovcev 5